drug possession lawyer Houston


Drug Possession Lawyer Houston

Get Help of Drug Possession Lawyer Immediately After Your Arrest

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If you are in Houston and you are charged with drug possession, the first thing you must do is get help of a drug possession lawyer in Houston. Sometimes a person found with prescription drugs may be innocent and may be holding the same on behalf of some other person. If the mistake is not on your part, when arrested, do not plead guilty or utter a single word before consulting an Attorney. You have a constitutional right to consult your Attorney before answering any questions from the police.

drug possession lawyer Houston

dwi dui laws Houston

The arresting officer may attempt to discover the reason behind the possession and he will certainly try to make you accept that the fault is yours, but you must be resolute. You should politely respond that you need to consult an attorney before answering any further questions. Many people believe that they can get out of the arrest if they are cooperative. What people do not understand is that the police have a different definition of cooperation - it is for you to give a statement that fits the narrative that they have created. An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows this and will take the necessary steps to safeguard your rights and freedoms. Some of the tactics that police officers use for obtaining information are known, but it is crucial to be sensitive to these tactics and understand that their job is to prove the crime occurred, not disprove it. Remember they have only arrested you out of suspicion and you are innocent until proven guilty. So, as mentioned earlier, try to be respectful, but remain silent until the arrival of drug possession lawyer in Houston.

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However, you may give answers to simple questions like your name, family background, etc., but do not get chatty and provide any details about the case. Sometimes, the Police officer may try to coerce you into a guilty plea through threats of increased jail time for noncooperation. The simple fact that they have threatened you should persuade you not to talk. So wait for the arrival of your Attorney so he can begin protecting you before the case is even filed. The officer might try to force you, stating that time is running out, but confidently remind him that you feel more comfortable waiting for your attorney before answering any questions. Remember, time is running out for him to threaten and coerce you, it is not running out for you. This is why they will become increasingly agitated. Finally, even if you are guilty, the police may have come to this knowledge illegally. Therefore, it is important to disclose your guilt to your attorney so that he can provide the best possible defense. Attempting to trick your attorney will only harm your chances for dismissal or reduction of the charges.

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If you’re arrested on some kind drug related charge then you’re in need of a professional traffic attorney Harris County to fight against the charges. If you’re located in Houston then here at glaw.me you can find best drug possession lawyer.

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