drug possession lawyer Houston

An experienced lawyer can tackle dwi dui laws Houston to protect your legal rights

It is stressful when you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs as the dwi dui laws Houston are very stringent that can lead to severe consequences. Hence, it is always better to contact the criminal attorney Houston who has years of experience in handling dwi dui cases. An experienced attorney can come up with the best solutions and guide you through the legal procedures. You can avail a free consultation with the attorney to discuss your case freely and the attorney shall offer an unbiased evaluation and recommend the actions that needs to be taken based on your legal situation. A police officer generally pulls a driver based on suspicion that the driver is either speeding or running through red lights or swerving. This is further established through blood and breath samples along with field sobriety tests. The punishments may vary from jail time to fines, license revocation and personal restrictions based on the severity of the charges. This could also lead loss of employment, higher insurance rates, public disapproval and entry into the criminal records. However, when you hire an experienced lawyer, they shall come up with the best defense strategies questioning the reliability of the tests conducted by the police officer. The attorney would try to find loop holes in the prosecutor charges and defend the erratic driving patterns of the client due to medical or physical condition at that given point of time. The experienced lawyer would comes up with aggressive defense strategies based on the client’s case to prove the client’s innocence in the case.


If the client is issued an arrest warrant the warrant lawyer Houston shall follow the necessary procedures and file a bond to get bail so that the client can be free till the case comes to hearing in the court and till they are convicted. Before that they can be available to the attorney to discuss the prosecution charges and fight the case with the help of the lawyer. It is not just dwi or dui cases but the Houston criminal lawyers are experts in handling all types of cases like drug possession, weapon charges, theft, kidnapping, domestic violence, murder, burglary and many more who come up with the best strategies to defend their clients and prove their innocence in the court of law.

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