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Hire Experienced Drug Possession Lawyer Houston to Prove Your Innocence in the Case

Possession of controlled substances leads to serious consequences and criminal charges in the state of Houston. Whether you are accused or charged with drug possession it is very much necessary that you contact an experienced drug possession lawyer Houston who clearly knows and understands the laws of the state so that they can do something to prove your innocence or reduce charges in the court. Generally the drug charges are classified into first degree, second degree and third degree based on the amount of drug seized in your possession and whether you are using the substance personally or involved in trafficking. The punishment for possession of controlled substances can vary from fines to enrolment in drug rehabilitation centres, random drug tests and also in worst case scenario 180 days to 99 years in confinement.



dwi dui laws houston



However, an experienced drug possession lawyer Houston can help you in protecting your constitutional rights and come up with aggressive defence strategies like challenging the validity of evidence against you and also raise a doubt on how the controlled substance is found, seized and tested. As the burden to prove the charges remain on the prosecution; the defence lawyer question the affirmative links of the controlled substance to their client and also question the ulterior motives of the informants. The defence lawyer shall also negotiate with the prosecution to minimize penalties and reduce charges against you wherever possible in the case.


The DWI/DUI is also one common criminal charge that most drivers face being caught driving while intoxicated. However, it may not always be true that the drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and only a dwi dui lawyer can help you from the complex legal matters of the dwi dui laws Houston. Being charged under dwi dui means not only fines or jail time but it can also have serious consequences on one’s personal and professional life. Hence it is better to contact an experienced defence attorney if charged under dwi dui who can understand your case and accordingly come up with aggressive strategies to prove your innocence in the court. The lawyer shall question the administration and accuracy of the field sobriety and other tests conducted by the officer, involuntary intoxication, physical or medical conditions, valid reason for erratic driving and others that can help to prove your innocence in the case. Any criminal charges should be dealt carefully and only an experienced and expert criminal defence lawyer can come to your help when you are accused of any criminal charges.

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