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Contact Drug Possession Lawyer Houston To Come Up With Best Defence Strategies To Safeguard Your Legal Interests

Possession of drugs comes under criminal charges and if you have been accused of this crime it’s always better to contact an experienced drug possession lawyer Houston to help you with the case. Though possession of controlled substances is illegal there are certain consequences based on which the severity of the case is determined. As the drugs are categorised into different penalty groups; the punishment actually varies based on the penalty group the drug belongs. It also depends on whether you were in possession of the drug, manufacturing the drug or trafficking the drugs according to chargers filed by the Police. If you are in possession of an illegal drug, the punishment may vary between 180 days to 99 years in confinement, enrolment into a drug rehabilitation centers, random drug tests and fine up to $250,000 USD.


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 However, when the case is handled over to a drug possession lawyer Houston they first check if there has been any illegal searches, constitutional violations or inaccurate warrants that could lead to immediately dismissal of the case in the court. Other than that they come up with the best defense strategies about whether the Police has the authorization to search your home or vehicle, frisk you or on what grounds you were termed as a suspect. This puts pressure on the prosecution to prove their case. The lawyer would also come up with defense strategy that you were actually not aware about the drugs being present in your premises or you were not aware that you are in the vicinity of the drugs thereby leaving the prosecution to establish a strong the link that you were in actual possession of drugs. This may lead to creating a doubt in the court’s mind and complete dismissal of the case or reduced charges. The lawyer would also raise a doubt about the motive of the informants and witnesses which needs to be proved by the prosecution and if there is any benefit of doubt; it is likely that the judgement would come in your favour.


However, if the arrest warrant has already been issued in your case there is no need to worry as the warrant lawyer Houston would post bonds and remove arrest warrants so that you can be free to help the lawyer with your case details and safeguard your legal interests. Though every warrant is not bondable you can talk to an experienced warrant lawyer who would study all possibilities in your case and come up the best advice to cancel the warrant against you.



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