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Avail The Services of Drug Possession Lawyer Houston to Prove You Are Not Guilty

If you are facing criminal charges and whether you are innocent or made a mistake it is important that you find the best criminal lawyer, Houston who can help you with the further legal proceedings in the case. The attorney shall help you to understand the charges filed by the prosecution and accordingly come up with the best defense strategies to safeguard your legal interests in the case. The criminal attorney, Houston shall never want you to plead guilty but fight the case in the court to prove your innocence so that your personal and professional life is not affected due to the charges. The criminal defense lawyers take up any cases whether dwi/dui, weapons charges, drug possession, theft, murder etc and come up with appropriate defense strategies to save you from the criminal case.





dwi dui laws houston



The Gilligan Law Firm has the best drug possession lawyer Houston, who clearly understand the circumstances that led to your arrest and accordingly frame his defense strategies. He shall check if there are any constitutional violations, inaccurate warrants or illegal searches as this could lead to dismissal of the case in the court. There is no doubt that drug possession is a serious crime in Houston but there are many factors that determine the punishment which could vary from jail time to fines and enrolment in to drug rehabilitation centres. The charges generally are based on whether the accused is in possession of the controlled substances, trafficking, and delivery and also whether it is marijuana possession, cocaine possession, pharmaceutical drugs or prescription drugs etc.


It is not just drug cases but you can also approach the Gillian Law Firm for dwi dui defense attorney who knows the dwi dui laws Houston and can help the client by finding legal pitfalls and loop holes in the prosecution charges. The Attorney shall come up with aggressive defense strategies right from questioning the Police Officer for the reason to pull over the client vehicle and also question the authenticity of the field sobriety tests conducted on you etc. If necessary the lawyer shall rebuild the crime scene and with the support of private investigative agencies shall collect the necessary evidence to prove that his client is not guilty. The attorney shall also offer the best advice to the client on how to answer the police or the prosecution and shall take care of the case proceedings to safeguard the interests of the client.

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