drug possession lawyer Houston

Hire Drug Possession Lawyer Houston to Safeguard Your Constitutional Rights

Drug possession comes under criminal offense and in case you are charged with this accusation it always better to hire the drug possession lawyer Houston who can deal with the circumstances that led to your arrest and help you with the court proceedings to safeguard your legal interest. Texas state considers drug possession a serious crime but the searches and arrests should also be legal with accurate warrants without any constitutional violations based on which the defence lawyers actually build their strategies to safeguard their clients from the drug possession cases. The seriousness of the case depends on the amount that has been seized from the accused whether marijuana or cocaine and other drugs. If the amount is small it is intended for personal usage but if it exceeds a limit a case can be filed for drug trafficking which is much more serious offence that can be led to arrests and also a devastating effect on the life the person both personal and professional. The possible consequences due to possession of controlled substances like Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, designer drugs etc can result in 180 days to 99 years in confinement, up to $ 250,000 in fines and also mandated enrolment into drug rehabilitation centres and random drug tests.

drug possession lawyer Houston


Due to the seriousness of the case it is very important to hire an experienced drug possession lawyer Houston who can actually guide you through the court proceedings and necessary steps required to protect your constitutional rights. The lawyer comes up with the best defences strategies based on search and seizure on what basis did the police suspect you in the first place and whether the police frisked or searched your vehicle without any probable cause. The lawyer also questions whether the police had a valid search warrant before entering your home. If any of the above violations had been done by the police even the seized drugs unlawfully cannot be admitted in the court as evidence which gives your defence lawyer to force the prosecution to drop the charges completely. As the burden of proving your guilt beyond doubt is on the prosecutors the defence lawyer questions the reliability of the testimonies by the witness and their ulterior motive to weaken the case in the court. But if you are guilty with the possession of the controlled substance the defence lawyer works out on your intentions as to why you have possessed those drugs to fight your case in the court for favourable results.


Whatever might be the drug possession accusation it is always better to hire a professional drug possession lawyer Houston who can come up with best strategies to protect your interests in the case.

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