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Hire Drug Possession Lawyer Houston To Safeguard Your Legal Interests In The Case

If you are ever charged with drug possession there is no doubt that you would face serious penalties and only an experienced drug possession lawyer Houston can come to your rescue to safeguard your legal interests in the case. It is always better to approach experienced criminal defense lawyer who has experience in handling drug possession cases so that they can come up with aggressive defense strategies to save you from the case. There are different degrees of punishment for drug possession and/or trafficking which only a lawyer shall be able to understand and help you out from the case. The drug possession crime charge is generally based on the category of drug and amount that you possess, your previous convictions, intention of selling or distribution etc that can result in punishment like fines, confinement, counselling and probation based on the degree of the charges. However, the defense lawyer shall find ways to fight your case by challenging that evidence was not collected in a proper manner, raising doubt whether you are aware about the substance in your premises, no proper Police warrant was obtained to search your property etc. All these arguments count in the dismissal or reducing charges against your significantly.

It is the same even in the DWI & DUI cases because the dwi dui laws Houston are very stringent and only an experienced defense attorney shall be able to save you from the case. If you are caught under the dwi dui charges it is better to find a lawyer who shall come up with defense strategies like scrutinizing inaccuracies in the prosecution charges, checking out if the arrest is valid, loopholes in the case and also trying to defend your erratic driving patterns subjected to a sudden physical or medical complication to save you from the case. As soon as you are charged with dwi or drug possession it is important that you contact the criminal defense lawyer who shall help you understand the court proceedings and also inform your rights to not answer the police or the prosecution unless in the presence of your lawyer that would surely save you from committing yourself as guilty.

The Gilligan law firm in Houston has the best criminal defense attorneys who shall clearly understand your case and accordingly come up with the best defense strategies to safeguard your interests in the case and prove your innocence.
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