drug possession lawyer Houston

The Traffic Tickets Defense Lawyer Houston Comes Up With The Best Strategies To Protect Your Legal Rights

A traffic ticket is issued if the officer finds that you have violated a transportation code of the State which could be breaking a signal, speeding beyond limits, reckless driving, invalid driver license, DUI/DWI etc and you need to pay fine for the traffic violation. But in reality it is not always true that you have violated a traffic rule whenever a ticket is issued because everything is based on the assumption of the Police Officer and you can always fight the decision in the court rather than paying the fine. But many who receive the ticket often find it convenient to pay the fine and move on but this actually leads to conviction and adding of points on your driving record and this normally reflects as hike in insurance charges and suspension of a driving license if the points cross a certain limit.


drug possession lawyer Houston



To avoid such hassles it is better to defend the traffic ticket in the court if you believe that you have not violated the traffic rules. For this it is better to hire a professional traffic tickets defense lawyer Houston rather than defending yourself in the court as the lawyer know the strategies that can help to dismiss your ticket in the court and close the case in your favour. A dismissal of the case saves you from increase in insurance charges and a clean driving record which is very important for you. The traffic tickets defense lawyer Houston provides expert analysis of your case and comes up with the best defense strategies to protect your legal rights in the case and gives top most priority to dismissal of your traffic ticket.


Drug possession is also a serious crime in Texas and if you are accused of this charge it is always better to hire the services of experienced drug possession lawyer Houston to protect your constitutional rights in the case. The severity of drug possession case depends on the amount of substance one possess and also whether you are just possessing a small amount for personal use or trafficking the substance. However, the defense lawyer comes up with the best strategies like on what ground the police stopped you in the first place and whether they had a search warrant to conduct a raid as illegal searches and inaccurate warrants can directly lead to dismissal of case in the court. The lawyer also comes up with strategies like suspecting the trustworthy of the informants and witness testimonies to find out any ulterior motives that would help to release you from the case. The attorney leaves no stone unturned to prove the innocence of his client by casting reasonable doubts in the minds of the jury through their defense strategies.


So whatever might be the criminal cases you are accused of, it is always better to hire experienced defense attorneys who can handle the case with expertise and prove your innocence.

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