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Avail Drug Possession Lawyer Houston Services to Prove Your Innocence in The Case

If you are facing drug charges you should know that it is not something that you can take easily as the consequences are very serious and should hire a drug possession lawyer Houston to defend your case. The Houston criminal defense lawyers has extensive knowledge in dealing with the law pertaining to drug possession and the consequences surrounding searches and seizures of drugs in your possession. The attorney shall be able to find out if there are any constitutional violations by the police during searching for drugs as that can result in dismissing the case immediately from the court. So when you are accused of possessing drugs you should immediately lookout for the best drug possession defense lawyer who can guide you through the case helping you understand your legal rights and also aggressively defend your case in the court to prove your innocence. The drug possession charges are no doubt stringent but often vary based on the consequences and degree of your offence. The punishments for possession of controlled substances, trafficking, delivery of controlled substances, felony drug charges, cocaine possession etc may vary like confinement ranging from 180 days to 99 years, fines up to $250,000, random drug tests and enrolment in drug rehabilitation based on the severity of the case. However, the defense lawyer shall come up with the best defense strategies finding loop holes in the prosecution charges and saving you from the drug possession charges.







dwi dui laws houston



Similarly, the Houston criminal defense lawyers are also experts in dwi dui laws Houston and shall take up the case to successfully defend their clients. The accused are generally pulled out by the police officer for their erratic driving patterns and are subjected to a series of tests to confirm that they are under the influence of alcohol which comes under a criminal case. However, the degree of punishment varies based on the degree of charges and may result in fines, jail time, personal restriction and license revocation. This can often lead to higher insurance rates, loss of employment, public disapproval and also entry into the criminal record that can effect one’s personal as well as professional reputation. Hence if you are charged under dwi/dui it is better to contact the experienced dwi dui defense attorney who shall understand your case circumstances and accordingly come up with aggressive defense strategies to prove your innocence in the case. Hiring the best defense lawyer can surely save you from criminal charges and prove your innocence in the case.

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